Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Small Update

Muggy Update

Edit: Okay, I actually put the old version of the COB back up after some thought. Although the new version was consistent with the Health Kit herbs, it was inconsistent with the wild herbs. As I believe the effects of the wild herbs are intended to be correct, I think the herbs Muggy digs up should reflect that. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Original Post: It's time for another Muggy update. This time it's a rather minor issue, as the Feverfew and Morning Glory herbs he dug up had their sprites switched around. (So Morning Glory looked like Feverfew and vice versa). This was actually caused by the actual class numbers in-game to be mixed up. The Feverfew plant, for example, has the class number "2 4 9" and Morning Glory uses "2 4 10". However, the Morning Glory herb, (the one injected via the Health Kit) uses the class number "2 4 9" and Feverfew uses "2 4 10". Basically they seem to have gotten mixed up in the coding, so the herbs in my COB had the opposite effect that they should have.

Or at least, they had the opposite effect as that of the Health Kit herbs.

Long story short, my Muggy COB has been updated once again and the new version is available at Jessi's Cobs or right here.


  1. Haha, yeah I'd noticed the same thing in the health kit. Never thought anything of it.
    Injected all your COBs last time I played. They're good fun and I'll be sure to keep using them in the future, especially since I won't be using the extra carrot patches anymore.

    1. Aw thanks.

      Although actually I'm starting to regret my decision to change the COB, as technically it was more correct before, as I now changed it to be consistent to the Health Kit herbs.

      But now they're different than the wild herbs :/