Monday, 14 May 2012

Amelia, Edgar, and Creature Link - Part 2

My previous post delved into the genetics of Amelia, who possessed the following mutation:

110 Chi B MutDup 1*Punishment + 1*<NONE> => 1*Reinforcement + 1*PunishmentEcho; half-life = 16

However, further investigation indicates that this cannot be her only problem. Though I have yet to isolate the cause of her learning and decision-making issues, further studies seem to dismiss the severity of her mutated gene.

I introduced two norns into a new world via the Science Kit with the same mutated gene as Amelia. The first was a first-generation Purple Mountain Norn and the second was a first-generation Snow Norn. I wanted to study a snow norn in particular, as they use the Survivor Norn gene, which I thought may be causing a more significant result in the case of Amelia. However, both Ceriba (left) and Morris (right) did not show significant problems with learning. They ate on their own and when instructed, and I rewarded them each for doing so.

An interesting thing to note about this gene is that, until childhood, the punishment/reward graph in the Science Kit appears as such. Without the gene switched on, it seems the norn constantly feels the maximum amount of Punishment. However, it does not seem to have a noticeable effect on Ceriba or Morris' behavior, other than the constant "get yes" expressions.

So as it is, I'm not sure why altering the gene showed such significant results for Amelia and Edgar and not for other norns, unless it just happened to be a fluke. (However, it should be noted that I did perform the experiment several times, and there were several incarnations of Edgar with various genes edited. The alteration of the above gene was the only occurrence where Edgar was able to eat properly. I then proceeded to crash the game each time as not to save it, so I could pretend that I hadn't performed so many experiments. Ahem. Carrying on.)

I may continue to attempt to isolate further problematic genes in Amelia, or just carry on and let her be. Though she is constantly hungry, the Survivor gene makes her particularly hardy and her inability to eat properly does not seem to be causing her significant health problems.

Creature Link News!

So I think it is time for some happier updates as I continue my documentation of Iberis and Serissa from Creature Link! The happiest and most significant update is that Iberis and Eliza had a baby egg together!

What's even better, is that in addition to being absolutely adorable, baby Athena did not receive her mother's mutation! She spent a bit of time with her mother, going over vocabulary and learning to eat, before I relocated her to the garden to socialize with the other creatures. Though I would love to let her stay with Eliza, I didn't want her learning abilities or health compromised by Eliza's Nannybugs. (Also as you may have noticed, Eliza did manage to shuffle into the garden far enough for me to teleport her to the computer!)

Serissa and Edgar ended up having a baby as well! Though this was a happy occasion, baby Aloe seems to have some rather significant issues.

He seems unable to follow any commands issued by the hand. Although this is not unheard of, he seems rather selective in what he will or will not listen to. For example, he will not look at an object directed by the hand, but he can learn words of objects he is already looking at. However, he does not seem able to learn the word for "food" under any circumstances. I find this very unusual, as he can learn words for everything else!

Unfortunately, Iberis was not the best father figure around. Immediately after his time with Eliza, he proceeded to wander off and kiss-pop with the other females. (At least he doesn't have fertility problems..?) The happy result of this, however, was a courtship with Serissa herself!

After laying her egg, Serissa and Iberis were greeted by an old friend, Graxx, who came to visit them! Though most likely a result of a variety of coincidences, I would like to think that Graxx was congratulating the happy couple.

Assuming that the baby has no severe mutations, he/she will be uploaded back to Creature Link after hatching!

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  1. The Survivor Norn genome can be downloaded at Muppetboy's Geatville - the copy on A2K is broken. It has a discussion of the genes that were altered in the genome which might prove helpful. :)