Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nannybug Release

The Nannybug is now available for download at Jessi's Cobs or, alternatively, right here. As there is a bit more explanation involved than normal, I'll be providing a detailed description here on my blog (as this will be too long for my download site).

The Nannybug is a little mushroomy critter that produces tiny little spores, which, coincidentally, happen to be remarkably useful. A norn (or grendel) is able to absorb these spores through its skin, and obtain the benefits without needing to interact with the object at all. Simply placing the Nannybug next to the creature, so that the sprites are touching, is enough. The Nannybug will periodically shoot off little spores, and if a norn is touching the bug at that time, he will receive the effects. This is useful for norns who have trouble walking and interacting with objects.

The type of spore the Nannybug produces is altered by the food that it consumes. By default, the Nannybug will be red and have the effect of Sex Drive Increase. By picking up the Nannybug and dropping it on various food items, however, the effect will change. The color of the Nannybug's mushroom will also change, so that you can easily identify the type of effect it will have. I made up this handy-dandy little chart for your convenience.

For honey pots and alcohol, the jar/glass must be full (not tipped over) for the Nannybug to eat from the item. He will not deplete any of the honey or alcohol from the jar, however, so it won't get used up by feeding the bug.

For the plants, (Feverfew, Gentian, etc.) the Nannybug can eat straight from the plant like a norn. The plant will be consumed as normal, but will grow back much more quickly than normal for your convenience. (This does not alter the script of the plant, though. If a creature eats from the plant, it will grow back at its normal pace). The Nannybug can only eat from plants that are fully grown.

The Nannybug can also eat injected herbs from the Health/Breeding Kit, or the ones produced from SteerPike's Feverfew, Morning Glory, and Gentian Vendors. Please note, however, that while you can use the Health Kit Feverfew and Morning Glories, the affect of eating these two herbs will be reversed. That is because the Health Kit versions are very wrong, and I chose to make the COB compatible with SteerPike's herbs instead. Because they are right.

You may notice that the numerical values of the injections are not extreme, (ranging between 50 and 125), as I wanted it to be somewhat reasonable. If you find that these numbers are not high enough for your particular creature, you can always throw down more Nannybugs to increase the "dosage" your creature is receiving.

Clicking the Nannybug will put it to sleep, and it will remain sleeping until picked up again. When asleep, the Nannybug will not produce spores.

The Nannybug is intended primarily for use with special needs norns, who cannot eat for themselves or have issues sleeping, as an alternative to using the Science Kit injections to maintain their health. Using this COB with healthy norns can severely inhibit their ability to learn for themselves! (The temperature and population control effects should be fine to use with regular norns, however).

As always, please let me know if you encounter any problems with this COB.


  1. Yay! I just love this idea.
    As my goal with Norn breeding is generally to create self-reliant Norns I probably won't have a lot of personal use for these little guys, but I kinda wish I did. The idea is great, the graphics are extremely nice and I'm sure the community will get a lot of use out of these guys!

    1. Thank you very much!

      Admittedly they are not the most useful things in the world if you are looking to breed self-sufficiant norns with strong survival skills, haha.

      I've never been very good at that, though. I seem to get attached to everything.

  2. Awesome idea, Jessi! At this rate, when I do start using your COBs, I should have a bunch to choose from! The Nannybug will certainly come in handy for special needs Norns: Even if used sparingly for those who can't move around or take care of themselves, I imagine the quality of life would be markedly increased. This reminds me of my first special needs Norn, Arnes, who would have died much sooner had the starch glitch not been present. Thanks again for your awesome ideas!

    1. Thank you Jessica! :)

      I hope they work out well. Ideally they would have been able to follow a norn around, but that is unfortunately a tad beyond my scripting abilities!

      I remember my first special needs norn, though I forget her name. She had the golden hair, though, and I think she was okay until she became an adult. I was just devestated that I couldn't make her better, and the Science Kit seemed to make things worse for her in the long run. Being very young, I also didn't understand how the genes worked, and I couldn't figure out what was happening to her or why!