Monday, 7 May 2012

Flowers, Flowers, and Mushrooms

I finally got a chance to try out a new update for C3/DS by Geek2Nurse, which I have been really very excited about. This update alters the Bluebell and Starflower plants that come in C3, and is available in the Agents Downloads section of CreaturesCaves.

Though it seems that you need Creatures 3 installed for these to work, you can still inject them into an undocked DS world as well. They will begin growing in the Norn Terrarium, or in the Meso if you are playing a DS only game. It should be noted though that this agent will remove the original Bluebell and Starflower plants from your world, so you may want to take that into consideration.
The first lovely thing about these plants is the beautiful recolors added for the Starflower. They seem to randomly sprout as pink, blue, or yellow, and will be facing towards either the right or the left. I really love these little details and added dimensions of randomness, as it makes the plant seem very natural in any environment. Which, of course, brings us to a very important tiny little detail, which is that both the Starflower and Bluebell plants can be picked up and carried around by both the hand as well as your creatures.

It is rather adorable watching your creatures walking around with a big, happy flower. The most important thing about this, though, is that it makes it very easy to customize other Metarooms! Like the Biodome.

In Other News...

I thought I would post about the Mushroom Bug as well, now renamed Nannybug. It is actually very close to completion, and is residing in that delightful testing-and-tweaking stage. You may notice that the critter is a tad bit smaller than it was initially. As much fun as it was having a legion of giant creepy mushy-bug-things, it wasn't remarkably practical, as they kind of got in the way. So I now introduce to you the much smaller, more compact, more efficient Nannybug.

There are nine different variations of the Nannybug, and is determined by what you feed to your bug. The current list of foods and effects is as follows:

Honey - Hunger Decrease/Starch Increase (ORANGE)
Alcohol - Boredom Decrease/Need for Pleasure Decrease (PURPLE)
Tomato - Increase Sex Drive (RED)
Ugly Tomato - Decrease Sex Drive (RED/YELLOW SPOTS)
Feverfew - Pain Decrease (GREEN)
Morning Glory - Exhaustion Decrease (DARK BLUE/YELLOW SPOTS)
Coffee - Sleepiness Decrease (BROWN)
Gentian - Coldness Decrease (LIGHT BLUE)
Campanula - Hotness Decrease (LIGHT BLUE/YELLOW SPOTS)

Like my other COBs, the Nannybug will be fed by dropping him onto various foods/drinks. Plants and such will grow back after being eaten, though slightly faster than normal for your convenience.

As mentioned before, this COB is primarily intended for the care of special needs creatures, or severe illness. As it injects nutrients and chemicals into your creature automatically, it can and will affect your creature's ability to learn properly. Of course, they can also be used for population control just because... well, why not?

In the case of Eliza, they are being used to improve her quality of life, as she cannot eat, walk, interact with objects, or wake up if she falls asleep. Although Science Kit injections can keep her alive, the Nannybugs can also keep her happy (with dancing!) and greatly improve the quality of her life.


  1. The updated plants from Geek2Nurse are amazing! Even seemingly simple changes like color variations and making things moveable can make a huge difference. I have a feeling I might be making use of these in every way possible! The Nannybug looks like it's coming along quite well! I adore your C1 COBs, although I honestly haven't yet tried them out yet. I have something I'm working on for C1, though, and my test subjects will be enjoying everything you've made! It's also great to see Eliza doing well with some help. I can't wait to see the Nannybug in action soon!

    1. I agree! The plants really add a touch of needed color and life to my worlds :)

      And thank you very much! And no worries about whether you've actually tried the COBs, I really appreciate the support regardless! I still have a list of agents and breeds that I want to try out that I just haven't gotten around to as well. There's so much to do in Creatures, it can be overwhelming!

  2. Makes me happy to see Eliza with a big smile on her face.
    What is the default state of the Nannybugs? I probably wouldn't want them constantly injecting my Norns, but I'd still love a couple running about the world regardless.

    1. At the moment the default state is the hunger increase (orange) one, but I was thinking of changing it to either the red or red/yellow versions, (sex drive increase/decrease).

      They won't actually run around, though, as they are intended for disabled norns and therefore will stay in one spot until moved. (They just kind of sit there and wiggle their feelers a bit. The purple one dances occasionally!) But you can put them to sleep, in which case they will just kind of sit there and not do anything (and not inject spores) until picked up again.

  3. It's really nice to see someone making new COBS and such for C1, it's honestly my favorite one :) Anyways, after reading your little blog on the Nannybug, I can't help but give it a try, your creation looks beautiful and seems quite useful :)