Friday, 27 April 2012

Muggy Update 2

Update for Muggy COB

There was another issue with my Muggy COB, which was causing him to eat plants in addition to the tomatoes, flowers, etc. Obviously, this is a very bad thing, as he was able to eat the Tomato Plant, the Feverfew Plant, the Ugly Tomato Plant, and the Morning Glory Plant if a player dropped him onto it.

Muggy has been fixed, and will now only eat what he was intended to eat, no longer removing plants from players' worlds. He is available at Jessi's Cobs, as well as right here. Please re-download and replace the "Muggy.cob" file with the new version. Also please use the Muggy Remover before re-injecting the COB.

I am very sorry if this has affected anyone's worlds. If anyone did lose their plants, please let me know, and I can make up a fix to restore any missing plants back into your Creatures world.

Mushroom Bug Preview

I also thought I'd show a quick preview of the project I am working on, currently named "Mushroom Bug". Basically, what this guy does is that he will occasionally inject "spores" into the world that will react with any norn that is currently touching the Mushroom Bug.

These spores can be absorbed through a creature's skin and provide various beneficial effects. The effect depends upon what the Mushroom Bug has been eating recently. Feeding the bug will alter the type of spore produced. For example, feeding the bug coffee will alter his spores so that they will reduce a creature's Sleepiness levels. Feeding it a carrot or lemon will cause the spores to provide a norn with nutrition, essentially feeding the creature through touch. Feeding the bug will also alter his coloring, so that it is easy to tell what type of effect he will have on your creatures.

Clicking the bug will put him to sleep, in case you want to "turn him off" temporarily.

The general idea behind this COB is to help aid in the care of special needs norns. For example, he will be able to feed norns that cannot eat on their own, if that norn is touching the bug at the time that he releases his spores. By using multiple bugs, and customizing each one with the desired effect, you will be able to aid each norn in its unique situation.

Mostly I wanted to be able to care for a special needs norn without using the Science Kit injectors, as they cause pain and can often be harmful when overused, which is unfortunate when you have an extreme disability in a norn/grendel/ettin. Note that this COB will not be intended for healthy norns, as it may significantly reduce their ability to learn and function properly. This is for extreme cases, such as norns who cannot eat on their own or wake up without injections. (Or for population control!)

This is a list of planned effects, based on what the bug eats:

Carrot/Lemon - Hunger Decrease/Starch Increase
Alcohol/Honey - (makes bug dance!) Boredom Decrease/Need for Pleasure Decrease
Tomato - Sex Drive Increase
Ugly Tomato - Sex Drive Decrease
Feverfew - Pain Decrease
Morning Glory - Exhaustion Decrease
Coffee - Sleepiness Decrease
Gentian - Hotness Decrease
Campanula - Coldness Decrease

Okay, I know the Gentian and Campanula ones don't really make sense logically, but I haven't been able to think of a better alternative. If any one has any suggestions/requests for additional effects, please let me know! Also feel free to suggest names for this COB. "Mushroom Bug" isn't really doing it for me.


  1. Are special shroom or beneficial bug good names?

    1. Those are both adorable names :)

  2. "I know the Gentian and Campanula ones don't really make sense"

    I know this thing is used for special in need creatures,yet I find those htings well needed - have too many norns complain about hotness X_X
    I never succesefully could cure it - not even sometime with stefan kuske's fan cob -_-

    btwn: I think this cob look awesome!
    I realy love how creative you are with your'e cobs,jessi : D
    Now if I only could script ;__;

    1. Thank you Norngirl! The sprite for this one is a combination of using Spore's Creature Creator and my own Blender-created graphics. It was originally going to be a cat, but turned into a mushroom-critter somewhere along the way.

      Also, if you are interested in learning about scripting (at least for C1), I can try to help out. I'm not an expert, but I can at least help with the basics :)

  3. Could this little COB be any cuter or more useful?! You're a genius with these C1 creations, Jessi! I wonder if its name could have something to do with a nanny, friend, or companion. Like the Nanny Bug, or Friendly Mushroom Protector. Ha! Probably not the greatest, but I can definitely see a use for it with special needs Norns. It certainly beats keeping a constant watch over them, even though I truly enjoy helping them out! Good luck with completing it: I have a feeling my fourth generation Norns are going to be inhabiting a world filled with your creations!

    1. Ooh, I like the idea of a nanny in the name. Maybe "Norn Nanny" or something similar, haha.

      And thank you very much! Also, I can relate to the feeling of wanting to help out and care for norns yourself. It's definitely better if you can interact with a norn and teach it to eat/sleep/etc. on its own, even if it's difficult or time consuming. I like spending time with them and learning about how they interact with the world! :)

      But it is nice to know you can leave them alone for a while and not have to worry too much!