Monday, 16 April 2012

Flowers, Critters, and Stumpy Love

The Spring semester is finally over, which is giving me enough time to finish working on some COBs. I have a couple new releases on my C1 COB site, which include two new flowers and a new pet for your norns, (or grendels, or ettins) called Muggy.

As mentioned in my previous post, Muggy will attempt to dig up food for your norns that can be difficult to find without installing a lot of vendors into your world. (Not that there's anything wrong with vendors.) What he finds is random, and he won't always succeed either.

I've also added two new flowers, which have been arbitrarily named "Rodirea" and "Bliumea". These little viney-looking things will grow upside down in the cave areas beneath the island and under the lift by the hootch tank. In addition to being somewhat nutritious, the red flowers (Rodirea) are very spicy, and will decrease a creature's coldness. The blue flowers (Bliumea) are rather refreshing, and will decrease hotness.

Muggy will also change colors if he eats these flowers, or the Happy Pink Flowers I've already released. There's really no practical reason for this, honestly, I just thought it would be fun.

For my next project, I am planning to create something to assist in the care of special-needs norns, (or grendels, or ettins). This is inspired by my norn Eliza, who was born with very little mobility. She can move her head, turn around, and speak, but she cannot walk or pick up/interact with items.

Unfortunately she cannot eat, which means regular injections if she is to survive. My idea at the moment is a companion that can provide nourishment and entertainment without the norn having to interact with the object. While Eliza's family members do tend to keep her company, she spends a good deal of her time standing in the same spot she was born and watching fish swim by. I'd like to improve the quality of her norn life.

In other news, Stumpy has found love, despite his horrible disability of being constantly terrified of other grendels.

While he is in constant terror during his interactions with Winter, one of Grendel_Man's Erzan grendels, Stumpy seems to have gotten better at managing his fears. He only runs away in terror sometimes now, and has even hung around long enough to kiss-pop a couple of times. Unfortunately, an overpopulated world at the moment means no baby Stumpys for now. I'm thinking of making a new world for him, so that he can experience the terrifying joys of raising a family.


  1. You're amazing, Jessi! Those flowers are beautiful and add food sources to some areas that are usually devoid of anything and everything. Muggy is a genius creation, too! For my next generation of C1 Norns, they'll get to enjoy all of your creations.

    Poor Eliza. At least she has some things to do, though, unlike some Norns who end up staring at themselves, incapable of moving at all. I would be very interested to figure out what genetic mutation caused her behavior... Have you taken a look at her genome in the D-DNA Analyzer?

    Also, hurray for Stumpy! I've found that some Norns or Grendels who start off with an odd tendency to run away can get better over time, after spending some time with others. Good to see that he's improved a bit!

    1. Thank you so much, that's very nice of you to say :) I hope that you and your norns enjoy them!

      Also, I haven't actually tried using the D-DNA Analyzer yet, as it is a new program to me. However, analyzing genes is definitely something I'd love to get into, (especially after reading your blog!) I'll make a go of it later tonight, and make a post about what I find. I love to take a look at both Eliza and Stumpy.

      Interestingly, last time I played I noticed Eliza's Life Force improving significantly on its own, so I'd love to see what was causing that. She may not need my help after all!

    2. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions after looking at the D-DNA Analyzer! Brain lobe mutations are still a little confusing for me, but I'd be happy to at least attempt to help out if you like.

      Hopefully the life force jump isn't a starch glitch... I ran into that a lot in my last couple of C1 worlds, where the selected creature would randomly receive a large injection of starch every now and then. I never pinned down what caused it, but since I've cut out a lot of COBs in my new world, I wonder if part of it came from a COB or two. Maybe I'll never know!

      Good luck with the D-DNA Analyzer and genetics!