Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Hello everyone! So after reading other people's Creatures blogs, I felt very much inspired to make my own. So here we are. Mostly I will just be writing about various happenings in Creatures that I think are interesting, as well as talking about my own personal Creatures-related projects.

I have recently discovered Grendel_Man's C1 grendel breeds, and I have to say that they are lovely. There are a variety of breeds available, each of which has its own unique trait. I decided to try out the Scortch grendels, a breed that feeds off of heat, and the Erzan grendels, a warm-blooded breed susceptible to "hyperthermia". With the Friendly Grendels COB installed, these little lovelies can breed as well, so I thought I might see how cross-breeding these two types would work out.

So far, the two children born of my Scortch-Erzan hybrids seem to take after their Scortching side. Both children, a male and female born from two different breeding pairs, are in good health without eating and show no signs of hunger increase.

The most interesting offspring I have had was the child of the two Scortch grendels, Ambryn and Krakatoa. (Krakatoa, which I have learned recently from the Discovery Channel, is a volcano in Indonesia.) The baby, named Stumpy, seemed to have a terrible phobia of being near any other grendel. When coming into view of another grendel, Stumpy would become terrified and run away until he could no longer see them. Every time, his fear and anger would rise drastically upon seeing the grendel and not lessen until he was out of view once again.

This picture sums up the experience fairly well:

Poor little guy. I tried to separate him from the group, but his mother followed him relentlessly. He seems to be calming down a bit as he ages, however.

In cobbing news, I have been working on a new COB for C1. It is a little doggy-hyena-looking thing that I have been calling Muggy.

Muggy likes to dig up presents for your norns, (or grendels). Specifically, cheese. I was always disappointed that there were no recurring sources of cheese in the game initially. (Whyyy?) I know that there are cheese vendor COBs, but I wanted something a little more difficult to use that the norns themselves would have to interact with. In addition, Muggy will also dig up other hard-to-find sources of food, such as tomatoes, ugly tomatoes, and herbs.


  1. Actually, both of the initial Scortch Grendels are named after volcanoes - Ambryn (or Ambrym, rather) is a volcanic island in the South Pacific.

    Stumpy's mutation reminds me a bit of what I have planned for the Darkling Grendels (if I ever get around to finishing them).

    While I don't mind Cheese Vendors myself, Muggy is definitely an interesting concept. Since I enjoyed your other COBs, I'm looking forwards to seeing it released.

    On another note, I've added your blog to my Blog list, and I thank you for choosing to follow mine.

    1. Ahh! I thought so, but hadn't heard of the other volcano before, so I wasn't sure.

      Also, that gives me even more incentive to try out the Darkling Grendels, (if they are released). As bad as I feel for Stumpy, I am also fascinated and amused by his behavior. I'm sure I'd love whatever you have planned for the Darklings, haha.

      And thank you very much! :)